My Miami Heat Experience!!



so its 7:15pm today.. im sitting at my apt with the wifey
watching TV when my phone rings:

My uncle: You wanna go to a Heat game!
Me: sure.. when?
My Uncle: Now.. it starts now so get ready!!
Me: sweet.. ok

so a couple minutes pass.. mky uncle is here to pick me up... we are off..

no traffic on 836 (amazing) we get there in like 15 minutes..
once we get there, i see my uncle parking under the arena garage.. im
thinking to myself: self... what are we doing here.. we aint VIP
lo and behold.. he had a VIP pass from once of his friends who he has
dj'ed for (son of the owner of Mastec corp) so we get escorted to our
parking... we take our elevator that leaves us right by our seats...
... now the best part.. our seats were ON THE FLOOR!!! we were right
next to the basket.. right by the heat bench.. i was literally a
couple feet away from the team.. and a couple more feet away from lil
john and pitbull... it was amazing... my uncle was actually sitting
talking to shaq.. my uncle goes.. "your awsome shaq... your going to
the finals for sure.. " he was like "I know I know" lol..



and here is the ticket!